About BakedHomes.com

This site was created to archive the creativity and artistry displayed in each gingerbread house donated to help raise money in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County.

Each year thousands of dollars are raised for the the charity thought the auction of the gingerbread houses.

Unfortunately, due to the fragile and perishable nature of the art pieces, and the short time they are displayed for viewing, we have always felt a little sad after the auction they were “gone” never to be seen again.

Starting in 2011 we decided to photograph the homes and construct this website where the houses could be virtually archived for all time.  It’s our hope that not only will visitors to this site find inspiration, wisdom and ideas from this archive, but to also to remind them to contribute and send a donation Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County helping extend and expand the spirit for which each of these small baked homes were created into the future.

So if you find yourself inspired or take away something of value from this site, if you can, please send a small donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Douglas County.

To donate please visit:


Want to use our images? Feel free, but we ask that you please add a link back to this site ( http://BakedHomes.com ) titled Gingerbread Houses.

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